Compassionate Elderly Care in a Place You Can Call Home


With the growing senior population, we have seen the rise of elderly care service providers to address these people’s needs. As such, by providing quality home care in St. Paul, Minnesota, ArkHaven Home Care aims to uphold seniors’ independence and optimal quality of life in our lovely home that maintains a family-like environment.

Furthermore, our comprehensive senior care services in Anoka and beyond offer these advantages:

  • Peace of Mind
    Our caregivers and on-call nurses have undergone background checks and adequate training. Thus, family members can rest assured their loved ones are well-supervised at all times in our home.
  • 24/7 Monitoring
    We have a team of home health care professionals working diligently to ensure our residents’ overall safety. Also, we are ready to respond to healthcare needs at any time of the day.
  • Fun and Recreation
    What makes our home conducive for senior living is the amenities that stimulate social engagement, recreation, and relaxation. Everyone in our home enjoys the company of one another. We maintain this type of setting to reduce loneliness and mental health issues among our residents and keep them entertained.
  • Amenities
    Our beautiful home boasts an array of amenities specially designed to promote security and well-being. For instance, we make sure our residents can keep in touch with their loved ones by installing communication devices, such as TV and telephones. We also make sure to offer onsite laundry, a large backyard for activities, and workout areas.

We understand that our residents have varied needs, which is why we initiate a care assessment before letting them into our home. To provide unparalleled assisted living in Minnesota, the results of the evaluation help us create a unique care plan for everyone under our care.

To get started with your or your loved one’s care, schedule an assessment with us today!

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