Can Accidents Cause Incontinence?


One of the most common conditions encountered by caregivers rendering elderly care services in Washington is incontinence. The history of each case varies, with several factors resulting in the patient becoming incontinent.

Although rare, car accidents can cause incontinence. Incontinence is a direct result of bladder trauma, in which the bladder receives an injury. The reason that it is rare is because the bladder is naturally protected by the pelvic bones. The only way the bladder can receive trauma is if the pelvic bones are seriously injured, or the bladder experiences direct trauma from a sharp object.

The main reason for incontinence, however, is nerve damage. The nerves can sustain damage from an accident, like when the spinal column is affected. Injuries to the spine can result in partial or full paralysis, in which you lose voluntary control of the nerves and muscles. Unfortunately, one of the nerves affected is the cluster that governs urinary control.

Incontinence can be both permanent and temporary. The latter happens as a result of a health condition from which a person can recover, after which the incontinence disappears. Incontinence can also be a short-term result of medication.

Incontinence is, without doubt, a condition that requires home health care. The individual would need the assistance of a caregiver in changing diapers, as well as in other tasks related to maintaining personal hygiene.

Elderly people suffering from incontinence as well as other conditions can benefit from the professional services of home care in St. Paul, Minnesota. These experts are trained to provide care to incontinent individuals with the utmost patience, compassion, and dignity.

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