Helping Elderlies and Patients with Personal Hygiene

Helping Elderlies and Patients with Personal Hygiene

Basic hygiene for adults includes oral hygiene, bathing, eliminating, shaving, brushing, and styling hair. These may appear to be simple procedures, but they are vital to maintaining a patient’s health. That is why they need all the help that they can get to attend to their personal hygiene needs.

There are things you can try to help a patient manage their hygiene, and among them is signing them up for home care in St. Paul, Minnesota. This is a choice that will help not just the patient but his or her family as well.

ArkHaven Home Care personalized care for seniors and persons with mental or physical limitations in Minnesota. Our services which are specially designed to improve our patients’ well-being include personal hygiene. We render services to accommodate all your needs with the goal of upholding your or a loved one’s dignity.

We assist our patients through the following services:


  • Comprehensive home care services in Dakota include but are not limited to medication storing and handling and assistance with individual hygiene care among others.
  • Health-Related Services include administration of medication, performing routine-delegated nursing tasks, and many more.
  • Supportive Services like arranging for medical services and even helping with personal laundry.

We provide home health care that encourages the patient to perform any personal hygiene task they can do and provide assistance as needed. With us, patients can also enjoy quality care services right in the comfort of their lovely homes.

So, if you are looking for a provider of assisted living in Minnesota, just give us a call at 651-478-6080 or leave us a message at

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